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In addition to learning the history of post-traumatic stress disorder and other forms of war trauma — as well as the challenges veterans have faced coming home from war — here at Stronger at the Broken Places, we also examine the history of resiliency among combat veterans. For example, after losing both his legs and right arm in Vietnam, Max Cleland spent months in an Army amputee ward. Waves of depression swept over him as he struggled desperately to learn to deal with his disabilities.

After returning home to Georgia, Cleland began to work on disabled veterans’ issues, fighting for better conditions at VA hospitals and for better educational benefits. He testified before congressional committees, wrote editorials, and spoke to veterans groups.

He didn’t blame anyone for his circumstances, and he channeled his energy into positive and helpful pursuits. Eventually, Cleland decided to run for political office. After being elected as the Secretary of State of Georgia, President Jimmy Carter appointed Cleland as the director of the Veteran’s Administration in Washington, where he served for four years. Cleland was then elected to the United States Senate, where he continued to improve the lives of veterans all over the country.

How was Cleland able to turn his triumph into tragedy, his suffering into success? In a word, he was resilient. After reading our free e-book, you’ll better understand what resiliency is and how you can become more resilient in your day-to-day life.

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