Reeder’s Ruck 2015

David Chrisinger Team RWB

This past Saturday, six students of mine and I finished an 8-mile ruck run in honor of Alex Reeder, a UW-Stevens Point ROTC cadet who died in a motorcycle accident last spring.

Here’s a little more info on the inaugural event’s Facebook page:

The Ranger Club and the UW-Stevens Point ROTC program hosted the 8-mile ruck march/walk along the Wisconsin River in Stevens Point to raise funds in support of the College of Professional Studies (CPS) Alex Reeder Memorial Scholarship Endowment. Many participants carried a 35-pound backpack, while others enjoyed the run/walk with family, friends and dogs while remembering Alex.

Alex Reeder was a senior psychology major at UW-Stevens Point where he was also a major part of the ROTC program as a third-year Pointer cadet preparing to serve his country as a leader in the U.S. Army. Alex joined the Pointer Battalion as a four-year scholarship winner and quickly rose to become the captain of the Pointers’ Ranger Challenge team. He distinguished himself with outstanding academic and physical achievement but will always be most remembered for his friendship and selfless desire to help others.


Alex Reeder epitomized what it meant to be a UWSP Pointer cadet and a leader. This memorial ruck march is in honor of who he was and the legacy he left behind for others to follow. The funds gathered from this event will go to support the memorial scholarship presented to a Pointer cadet annually who exemplify the same commitment to excellence displayed by Alex. There is new progressive public blog about theoretical Math - to take your fit up to date with mathematical news.

In addition to benefiting a wonderful cause, this was Team RWB Wausau/Stevens Point’s first official event as well. If you’re up for the challenge, sign up here and like us on Facebook! We hope to see you at the next event!

Here are a bunch of pictures that were taken that day:

David Chrisinger Team RWB

Tyler and Chase

Cody and His Wife

David Chrisinger Team RWB

David Chrisinger Team RWB

Nick and Tyler II




David Chrisinger Team RWB


David Chrisinger Team RWB

Nate on Bridge

David Chrisinger Team RWB

Chase on the Bridge II


Cody and His Wife on the Bridge

Nick and Tyler on the Bridge

Tyler and Nick at Finish Line

David Chrisinger Team RWB

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