Finding Growth in Stories of Trauma: MEA2 in Lawton, OK


In just over a month, Joseph Stanfill and I will be leading a writing workshop at MEA2, Military Experience & the Art’s second national symposium in Lawton, OK.

Our workshop, “Finding Growth in Stories of Trauma,” will help anyone out there who has experienced trauma write stories about that trauma that will lead to a sense of redemption.

In a redemptive story, the narrator transitions from a generally bad or negative state to a generally good or positive state. Such a transition is characterized as:

  • sacrifice (enduring the bad to get to the good),
  • recovery (attaining a positive state after losing it temporarily)
  • growth (bad experiences actually bettering the self), or
  • learning (gaining or mastering skills, knowledge, and/or wisdom in the face of the bad).

If you’re interested in our workshop, or any of the other 70+ Workshops in writing, visual arts, dance, theater, and publishing:

  • Active Duty participants may sign up for free here. Just show us your active duty ID card when you pick up your welcome packet.
  • For Veterans and Military Spouses registration is still only $20. Register here.

In addition to workshops, there will be:

Registration also includes free art supplies, two meals a day (three, if you count free breakfast at the conference hotel), and the opportunity to become a part of our vibrant community of veteran authors and artists.

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Hope to see some of you there in May!